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Bouncy Feathered Open Hair Style

Flipping your part may give you bouncy hair. This is a terrific approach to create the illusion of layers by adding body to one side and lift to the roots.



Flipping your part may give you bouncy hair. This is a terrific approach to create the illusion of layers by adding body to one side and lift to the roots.
Layers may provide the illusion of volume, so if your hair is on the thin side, this is a terrific hair hack to get you closer to the bouncy hair you want. Just ask your hairdresser next time.
We’ve all been there: freshly cleaned, treated, and blow-dried tresses straight from the salon. The amount of bounce achieved is unrivalled. So, if you’re looking for bouncy hair for a special event or weekend getaway, use a blow dryer and work in a wave to achieve the appearance.


Benefits of the course

  • In a "Bouncy Feathered Open Hair Style Course" or a hairstyling course focused on this specific style, you will learn a range of skills and knowledge related to creating bouncy, feathered, and open hairstyles. The specific learning objectives may include:
  • Understanding the Style: Gaining an understanding of what characterizes a bouncy, feathered, open hairstyle, including the key features that make it unique.
  • Haircut Techniques: Learning how to perform feathered haircut techniques to create layers and texture in the hair, giving it a light and airy appearance.
  • Blow-Drying: Mastering blow-drying techniques to add volume and bounce to the hair, which is essential for achieving the bouncy look.
  • Use of Hair Products: Understanding the appropriate use of hair products such as volumizing mousse, hairspray, and serums to enhance the style and hold it in place.
  • Curling and Styling Tools: Learning how to use curling irons, rollers, or other styling tools to add curls or waves to the hair, giving it a bouncy and playful effect.
  • Hair Texture: Understanding how to create a feathered texture in the hair through cutting and styling techniques.
  • Face Shape Analysis: Assessing different face shapes and recommending the most flattering feathered styles for each face shape.
  • Hair Maintenance: Learning about the maintenance of feathered styles, including how to keep the style looking fresh and vibrant.
  • Customization: Adapting the bouncy, feathered style to suit different occasions and personal preferences.
  • Client Consultation: Developing skills for conducting client consultations, understanding their hairstyling needs, and making recommendations based on their preferences.
  • Safety and Hygiene: Understanding best practices for maintaining a clean and safe salon or workspace, including sanitation and hygiene.
  • By the end of the course, you will have the knowledge and practical skills needed to create the bouncy feathered open hairstyle. You will be able to provide this style to clients, whether for personal use or as a hairstylist, and you can apply your knowledge to a variety of hairstyles and occasions. The specific content of the course may vary, so it's advisable to review the course curriculum to understand what you will learn in a particular "Bouncy Feathered Open Hair Style Course."

Topics for this course

9 Lessons

Bouncy Feathered Open Hair Style

Drying of Hair00:48
Crimping for Hair Volume01:14
Criss-Cross of Hair01:01
Outer Curls Hair01:35
Shaping Crown Area00:00
Opening of Curls00:00
Setting of Hair00:00
Final Look00:00


  • The specific requirements and instructions for enrolling in and successfully completing a "Bouncy Feathered Open Hair Style Course" or a hairstyling course can vary depending on the course provider, format, and level of the course. However, here are some common requirements and general instructions that you might encounter:
  • Requirements:
  • Device and Internet Access: You will need access to a computer, tablet, or smartphone with a stable internet connection to participate in online courses. Ensure your device meets the technical requirements of the course platform.
  • Hair Styling Tools: Depending on the course, you may need a basic set of hairstyling tools, including hairbrushes, combs, hairdryer, curling iron, straightener, and hair products.
  • Mannequin Head or Model: Some hairstyling courses may require you to practice the techniques on a mannequin head or a live model. Check the course requirements and ensure you have access to the necessary practice tools.
  • Prior Knowledge: Some courses may have prerequisites or recommended prior knowledge, such as a basic understanding of haircare or hairstyling.
  • Instructions:
  • Enrollment: Register for the course through the institution or platform offering it. Follow the enrollment process, which typically includes creating an account and providing basic information.
  • Payment: Some courses may require payment, while others are free. If there is a fee, complete the payment process as instructed.
  • Access to Course Materials: After enrolling, access the course materials, including video lessons, readings, assignments, and quizzes, as per the instructions provided.
  • Course Schedule: Review the course schedule to understand the timeline, deadlines for assignments, and any live or interactive sessions.
  • Practice: Practice the hairstyling techniques demonstrated in the course and complete assignments or practical exercises as required.
  • Participation: Engage actively with the course by participating in discussions, asking questions, and sharing your experiences.
  • Feedback: If the course provides opportunities for feedback, be open to receiving feedback on your work and offering constructive comments to peers.
  • Assessment: Prepare for and complete any course assessments, quizzes, or final hairstyling projects as specified in the course outline.
  • Completion: Successfully complete the course by meeting the requirements, which may include achieving a passing grade or completing a final hairstyling project.
  • Certification: Some courses offer a certificate of completion. Follow the instructions for claiming your certificate, if applicable.
  • Feedback and Reviews: Provide feedback on the course and instructors, if requested, to help improve future offerings.
  • Always review the specific requirements and instructions provided by the course provider to ensure a smooth and successful learning experience. These may vary from one course to another.

Target Audience

  • The targeted audience for a "Bouncy Feathered Open Hair Style Course" or a hairstyling course focusing on this specific style can include individuals with various backgrounds and objectives related to hairstyling. Here are the specific groups of people who may benefit from such a course:
  • Aspiring Hairstylists: Individuals who want to become professional hairstylists or hairdressers and are interested in learning the skills and techniques required for creating bouncy, feathered hairstyles.
  • Beauty Enthusiasts: People who have a passion for hairstyling and grooming and are looking to expand their hairstyling skills for personal use or as a hobby.
  • Makeup Artists: Makeup artists who want to diversify their skill set and offer hairstyling services as part of their beauty services.
  • Cosmetology Students: Students enrolled in cosmetology programs who wish to specialize in hairstyling and learn about creating specific styles like bouncy, feathered hair.
  • Fashion Stylists: Fashion stylists who want to add hairstyling to their repertoire and offer comprehensive styling services to clients.
  • Salon Owners and Staff: Salon owners, managers, and staff members who want to enhance their hairstyling skills and services.
  • Brides and Event Planners: Brides-to-be and event planners interested in learning how to create bouncy, feathered hairstyles for special occasions, weddings, or events.
  • Content Creators: Individuals who create beauty and hairstyling content for blogs, YouTube channels, or social media platforms and want to offer tutorials on creating this specific hairstyle.
  • Personal Grooming Enthusiasts: People who want to improve their personal grooming skills and learn how to create a stylish and trendy bouncy, feathered hairstyle.
  • Anyone Interested in Hairstyling: Individuals with an interest in hairstyling and hairstyling techniques, regardless of prior experience or professional aspirations.
  • The course content may cater to different skill levels, from beginners to advanced learners, and can be adapted to meet the specific needs and objectives of the audience it intends to serve. Before enrolling in a course, it's advisable to review the prerequisites and course description to ensure it aligns with your level of expertise and goals.

Materials included

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  • pdf

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