Meet the awesome team behind Acme Marketing.

Leah Robinson

Dan D. Connor

Thomas J. Turner

Leah is the CEO and founder of Acme Marketing. She spent several years working as a freelance marketing consultant before moving into full-time management positions. Before founding Acme Marketing, Leah handled several million-dollar accounts for some of the biggest names in tech.

Thomas started out as a freelance content writer and quickly moved into full-time content production for one of America’s biggest homeware brands. As Acme’s first full-time employee, he’s developed and perfected the content strategy from the ground up.

Dan is an experienced social media manager, and his skills span everything from video production to creating PPC campaigns. Dan has deep understanding of the tools and strategies needed to get your content in front of the right people on social networks.

Contact the Team

The purpose of the “Meet the Team” section is to humanize the organization, establish a personal connection with website visitors or customers, and build trust. It allows visitors to learn more about the people behind the company, their qualifications, and their areas of expertise. This section is particularly common on websites of service-based businesses, startups, creative agencies, or organizations where team collaboration and individual expertise are essential.

In a “Meet the Team” section, you may typically find the following information about team members:

  1. Names and Titles: The names and job titles or roles of each team member are usually provided, indicating their position within the organization or team.

  2. Photos or Images: A photograph or image of each team member is included to help visitors put a face to the name and establish a personal connection.

  3. Biographies or Profiles: A brief description or bio is typically provided for each team member, highlighting their professional background, skills, qualifications, and areas of expertise. This information helps showcase their experience and demonstrates their value to the organization.

  4. Social Media or Contact Information: Some “Meet the Team” sections may include links to individual team members’ social media profiles or contact information, enabling visitors to connect with them directly.

The “Meet the Team” section serves multiple purposes, such as introducing key team members, demonstrating the organization’s expertise, fostering transparency, and building credibility. It can help potential clients or customers feel more comfortable and confident in the team’s abilities and establish a personal connection before initiating business interactions.